Teamplifier is small, off-side, project done in a free time by two members team in Belgrade. But, if I didn't tell you, you would never guess it was the case as it looks like a product of much bigger and expensive team. Although it is in beta phase and some of planned features are still missing, you can already feel the main idea behind it: small and lightweight web based project management tool aimed for small teams, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

It is extremely easy, in only few steps, to kick-start a project. Each project consists of more tasks in different stages. By advancing tasks you keep a track of a project progress, until it ends naturally. Beside projects itself, you have to define users and groups, each with its own settings. And that's all. No complicated rules, workflows and meaningless features. That is exactly what is expected from the ultimate project management tool for small organizations, to be there to help in turbulent and dynamic environments, but not distract processes by imposing its own rules and regulations.

And the best feature of all: it is completely free.


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